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Non-Woven Polypropylene 3-layer Filter 100-Pack ($1.10ea) - Protect Styles

Non-Woven Polypropylene 3-layer Filter 100-Pack ($0.98ea)

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*Filters are excluded from all discounts and promotions.

This filter insert fits any washable reusable cloth face mask with filter pocket. Its 3.25 x 4.75" size is identical to a standard PM 2.5. For child's size, the material trims easily with scissors. 

Filti's next-generation 3-layer construction uses nonwoven spunbond polypropylene and patented lightweight nanofiber technology in the middle layer for filtration and easy breathing.

How to use:

  • place insert into cloth mask pocket so that deeper bond points and fluffy/lofty texture face outwards, and the side with less loft and shallower bond points faces inwards
  • between wearings, leave filter in-mask exposed to room air so it can dry
  • after 8 hours of accumulated wearing, dispose of filter and wash mask
  • NOTE: these are for washable cloth masks and are not intended for use with respirator masks.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Arrived in good order! Gave a bunch of masks with filters to family! Getting filters into the masks is a challenge.


We really like the masks, especially for my daughter, as they fit well. The filters are good. They are a bit awkward to insert smoothly in to the space provided, but eventually they are in and they seem to work.


Filti Filter Refill 10-Pack

Niece loves the patterns

My niece is seven and loves everything unicorn. I bought her two masks - one with rainbows and one with unicorns. She loves them both, and they fit great.

The order took longer than I expected. Customer service respond right away to my inquiry about my order, and it arrived shortly after. I would order masks from this company again.

Peace of Mind

I'm excited to find these filters in Canada. These fit my mask pocket perfectly and are easy enough to breathe through. I like the peace of mind from the higher level of protection. I use them for occasional errands and plan to replace them every week or so. Nice job, Protect Styles!